Gift-Wrapping for Grandparents… and Aunts & Uncles too !

Grandchildren are a joy !

But being a “great” grandparent can be more difficult if your grandchildren (or nieces or nephews) live in another city or town… or even worse, another province or state. Pictures are wonderful, and so is Skype, but there’s really nothing quite like being there.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

But when it comes to birthdays or other special occasions, we’re happy to help !

Lucy's GiftsLucy's Birthday Card

We offer gift-wrapping and a “real” card (not a little note card) with all your best wishes and kisses included…. at no extra cost.

Gifts for Thomas !Birthday Card for Thomas

If you’re thinking about purchasing a toy for a grandchild, niece or nephew in another location, let us know in a note with your order. We’ll choose bright, fun gift-wrapping and a card suitable for the age and gender of the child, and we’ll take a few photos and e-mail them to you, so you’ll know exactly what the gift and card will look like when they arrive at the child’s home.

It’s completely free, and we love being able to help !

Tessa's 1st Birthday !

Tessa's CardTessa's Card - Inside

Happy Father’s Day !

Happy Father’s Day to all our father and grandfather friends !

You are more important to your children and grandchildren than you will ever know.

And just “being there” for your kids counts… everything doesn’t need to be special all the time.

If you’re relaxing on the couch watching TV, listening to music, or driving a child to and from music or dance lessons or soccer practice, you’re “there” for them. If they want to talk, they know where to find you… if they need encouragement or a hug, they know where to get it.

Super Daughter !

We think “quantity” time is just as important as “quality” time.

Cherish your children. They’ll be grown and gone from your daily life far too soon.

And… have a very Happy Father’s Day !

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Welcome to The Toy Factory

Santa Kathy  Dan at The Toy FactoryMy gosh, we’re so lucky ! To be friends with one of the greatest toy-makers of all time, and to have had his advice and encouragement for so long. We first met Santa just a few weeks after we took over The Toy Factory from his brother “Al” in the late spring of 1990.

Santa is an amazing fellow, and he takes a nice picture, doesn’t he ? He stopped by for a cup of tea a few weeks ago, and you know, he looks just the same today – although we can’t say the same about us !

Launching our website and “on-line store” as we celebrate our 23rd Christmas with The Toy Factory, it feels like we’re taking our delight in wonderful toys – and toy-making – to a whole new level.

It’s been a lot of work. So far, we’ve chosen more than 600 toys, games and play sets to offer to you, our customers, here on our website. To do that, we’ve photographed, measured and described all of our Toy Factory wooden toys and games. We’ve found our favourite fairies, taken their pictures and told their stories – and there are a lot of them, because we love fairies. We don’t have as many fairy t-shirts and tank tops, but we think they’re all really beautiful, and we hope you will too.

It’s been fun organizing all of the toys, “people”, castles, pirate ships, dollhouses and play sets from our favourite toy-makers – Le Toy Van, Papo Toys, Budkins and Lion Touch.

It turns out our Toy Factory Royal Family is quite a big clan. There are 12 different Royal Princesses living in our Fairy Tale & Fantasy world – although from the point of view of every little girl that has visited our Prince Edward Island toy store and workshop, it’s clearly not possible to have too many princesses !

Interestingly, on the man side, there are only 4 princes. Although all 4 of them are quite stylish and adventurous. There are also 33 knights, all of whom will point out, if asked, that they’re potentially available to be “in shining armour” for the right Princess.

Do we have too much fun with this ? We think not. It is, after all, a toy store – and we think it’s perfectly OK for grown-ups to have great imaginations, and at least a little bit of space in their lives for magic and fun.

We hope you like our website. We’ve worked really hard, with some very creative people helping us, to make it more than just an on-line toy store. If you’ve visited us in Prince Edward Island, you’ll know that’s the way we like to do business – it’s about making friends, telling stories and having fun, and if you’d like to buy some wonderful toys, that’s awesome too !