Lottie Dolls

Hey, it’s a doll just like me! Lottie Dolls empower children to be themselves, embrace individuality, enjoy their childhood, and have meaningful and inspirational adventures.

Brilliantly designed to be physically and socially just like real 9-year-old kids, Lottie dolls don’t wear make-up or high heels. But they have real adventures, and lots of healthy fun.

Lottie Dolls promote diversity, and encourage kids to explore science, nature and different cultures. Lottie has different skin, hair and eye colors… some dolls wear glasses… and they all literally stand on their own two feet – without falling over!

The most enriching developmental and educational experiences occur when children can truly relate to their role models and “best friends”. The world of Lottie is healthy and fun for girls because it’s a realistic representation of a 9-year-old girl’s real, everyday life – physically and socially. Every Lottie doll and accessory incorporates elements specifically designed by childhood education specialists to encourage self-confidence and empowerment in young girls.

Since they were introduced in England in 2012, Lottie Dolls have won more than 21 international toy awards, including 2 Scholastic USA Gold Star Toy Awards and the 2015 UK Loved by Parents Award for Best Stimulative Toy for Ages 3 to 6.

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