Lottie Outfits & Play Sets

“Fashion”for 9-year-olds, from the wonderful world of Lottie Dolls:  Real clothes for real kids that play outside and have fun!

Lottie dolls have bodies that are shaped like real 9-year-olds, and Lottie does real 9-year-old stuff. Lottie dolls are age-appropriate, imaginative and inspirational…they’re real role models for little girls.

Our Lottie Accessories and Play Sets are awesome too. Autumn Leaves Lottie has a pet dog names Biscuit, and Pandora’s Box Lottie’s cat is names “Pandora” of course! Lottie can have adventures exporing nature with our Canoe and Camping Play Sets, and the Play House and Stables are made of solid wood,beautifully painted and – like all Lottie dolls and accessories – designed to maximize creativity, imagination and long-lasting play value.

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