Magical Elves

Our collection of magical elves from Papo Toys is wonderful !

Throughout the ages, elves have been seen in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most common sort of elves are the elves who live with Santa Claus. Then, there are the Elves in “The Lord of the Rings”, and the rock elves or “hidden folk” of Iceland.

Elves are always connected with nature and fertility. They’re often young men and women of great beauty, living in forests and other natural places, underground or in wells and springs. They live very long lives – some say they are immortal – and they have strong magical powers.

Here’s an Elfish – or Elvish – Fun Fact:
If it’s spelled with an “f” – elfish – it refers to very small elves.
If it’s spelled with a “v”, it refers to larger elves, often human-sized.
Bet you didn’t know that !

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