Sandwich Mix-Up (Ages 4+)

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Chalk & Chuckles Games are delightful –  they’re educational and fun at the same time !

The Chef Dog is proud of his silly-i-cious sandwich creations that will have everyone drooling. But, just before he has a chance to deliver his order of 6, the monkey has managed his mischief. The sandwiches have come apart. Help the Chef to put them back together in the right combinations!

Sandwich Mix-Up is a brilliant, fast-paced game that can be played at different levels of difficulty, as the players race to make complete sandwiches. The bread “slices” have cut-outs and matching fillings. Players try to match the pieces to make as many sandwiches as they can, but the winner may not be the one who makes the most sandwiches. That’s because the number of shapes in each sandwich can count too. So, sandwiches with 3 fillings – the hardest to match up – can be worth more than sandwiches with 2 fillings, and so on… and the player with the most points can win the game.

The bread “slices” can also be set up to start the game with the fillings and cut-outs face up – or face down, to make it a memory game too!

Sandwich Mix-up integrates touch with visual information, building a strong base for spatial reasoning and other visual perceptual skills. A race to touch, feel, see and match the sandwiches.

Includes: 30 Bread Slices, 6 Chef Hat Tokens, Instructions
For 1 to 5 players
Ages 4 and up

Warning – Small Parts – Not Suitable for children under 3 years old.