Stratosphere 2.0
Stratosphere 2.0Stratosphere 2.0Stratosphere 2.0

STRATOSPHERE 2.0 (Ages 8+)

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This futuristic multi-level game is similar to tic-tac-toe, except in Stratosphere 2.0, players move their spheres down and out of the multi-level cube by moving sliders to control gravity. The first player to free all of their spheres from the cube wins the game.
Quick Play Rules:
1) In turn, each player inserts a slider (any color) all the way into an unoccupied slit of their choice, until all sliders are inserted.
2) Each player chooses a color – red or black – and positions their 4 spheres in the top of the columns, oneĀ marble per column.
3) Players take turns to pull out a slider one notch at a time, or as the game progresses, push it in one notch. Opponents may not immediately reverse a move.The aim is to make one of your own spheres fall and/or to block one of theĀ opponent’s spheres. But be careful: every move may cause a chain reaction.
Sliders may be removed completely if no spheres are above them, otherwise it is recommended to leave the sliders in play. Once taken all the way out, sliders cannot be put in again.

The first player to get all 4 of their spheres out of the game, wins.
2 Players / Ages 8+
Warning – Small Parts – Not Suitable for children under 3 years old.