Girls United Soccer Outfit


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Product Description

  • Branksea is hosting its annual soccer tournament. Lottie and her friends have teamed up to make an all-girl soccer team.

    All summer they have been practising their drills, taking it in turns to score goals, bouncing the ball from their knees to their heads, and running up and down the pitch dribbling the ball.

    With their red, white and blue uniform, Lottie’s team looks ready to play! Who will score the winning goal?


    • Shorts
    • Shirt
    • Socks
    • Boots
    • Football

    Lottie Doll not included – Soccer Outfit will also fit the Finn, Sophia and Sammi Dolls

Lottie Dolls are just like real girls and boys! They’re designed to be physically proportioned like real 9 year old children, with age-appropriate clothes, interests and activities. Ethnically diverse, Lottie and Finn literally stand on their own two feet… they’re positive role models, empowering children to embrace individuality, enjoy childhood and have meaningful adventures!

Lottie Doll’s designers did 18 months of research, working with kids, parents, child psychologists and child nutrition and education specialists. More than 100 action points have been incorporated into the designs and accessories to make them realistic dolls that children can relate to, and identify with.

Lottie’s Motto is “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!”