Jack In The Box


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Product Description

Chalk & Chuckles Games are delightful –  they’re educational and fun at the same time !

The multi-coloured Jack Brothers love clowning around and jumping out of boxes to surprise their friends. But… oh no! The Jacks have lost their bounce!! Help them connect to their colorful springs so they can go back to popping out of their boxes.

GAME 1: Players take turns rolling the dice and adding matching color springs to their Boxes. But if a player rolls a Jack, they must add a face to the top of their springs, and their Jack In The Box is complete. It’s a race to avoid the Jack and build the tallest Jack in the Box. A fun and easy game to learn that will add color to indoor play days. Or… make up your own rules and just have fun!

GAME 2: Pick a Jack In The Box card, then roll the dice to try to get the correct color springs – in the right order – to build a Jack In The Box to match your card. This game can also be played by 1 player as a solitaire game – try for the fewest dice rolls to build your matching Jack In The Box.

Develops color recognition, matching and sequencing.

Includes: 4 Jack faces, 4 start boxes, 4 Jack 40 coloured springs, 4 sequencing cards, 1 wooden colour die.
For 1 to 4 players
Ages 3 and up

Warning – Small Parts – Not Suitable for children under 3 years old.