Why Connect


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Product Description

Chalk & Chuckles Games are delightful –  they’re educational and fun at the same time !

Why Connect is brilliant – it’s like Scrabble, but with pictures instead of letters!

Players help the picture tiles make friends with each other by finding out how they can connect. It’s a fun game that tests and builds upon your ability to reason, categorize and identify relationships between objects. Put your thinking cap on, and start making connections to score points!

How to Play:
Players take turns placing different tiles together based on the relationship between the pictures on them. Players must work their charms, using both logic & persuasive skills, to explain “why” their pictures “connect“. The other players then decide if they consider the connection(s) to be logical, and thus acceptable. But… if the other player say the reasoning doesn’t make sense to them, the tile can’t be played.

Like Scrabble, points are scored for the connections player make between picture tiles. If 1 tile connects to 1 other tile, it’s worth 1 point. But if 1 tile connects to 2 other tiles – with good reasons they all connect! – it’s worth 5 points. And if 1 tile connects with 3 or 4 other tiles – with good reasons they all connect! – it’s worth 10 points.

When all the tiles have been played, the player with the highest score wins the game.

Two Levels of Game Play:
The basic game has 60 picture tiles, and the expanded game adds another 30 tiles for a total of 90.

Because the picture tiles can be played on any flat surface – there is no game board – Why Connect can be played almost anywhere. Along with the fun of creative discussion among players, the game also promotes the development of higher order thinking, including logical and categorical reasoning skills.

Includes: 90 Picture Tiles, 4 Wooden Stands, 1 Cloth Bag, 1 Score Pad, Instructions.

For 2 -4 players
Ages 6+ (Recommended for Ages 6 – 12)