Blackbeard Pirate Ship


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Our Blackbeard Pirate Ship from Papo Toys is an awesome toy !

It has 2 rope ladders up to the Crow’s Nest, a working ship’s wheel, and a “fantail” at the stern. That’s the upper deck that projects out over the sides and back of the ship. It provides more room for play, and a cannon (as seen in the photo, sold separately) can poke out through the windows to fire at other ships from that upper stern deck… which is also known as the “poop deck”.

The ship is made of solid wood, and the colorful red, black and gold designs are painted on, they’re not decals, so they’ll never peel off. The skull & crossbones are painted on the cloth sails too.

This is a wonderful toy with excellent play-value, solidly constructed to last a lifetime !

Pirates, Mutant Pirates and Cannon (as shown) are sold separately.

(Recommended for ages 3 years old and up.)

(Ship measures approx. 22 ” long x 6 ” wide x 20 ” tall)

Additional Information

Dimensions 22 x 5.8 x 20.4 in


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