Knight Sets

These are wonderful Medieval Knights, Horses and Kings – they make perfect armies to defend castles and treasures, or go on the attack against evil dragons and wizards.

Sold in sets of 5, our Knight Sets come in 3 different colors: red, blue and black. That’s important, because to defend a castle, or fight a battle, you need knights and a king to be on the other side too !

An excellent feature of these Knight Sets is that the knights can stand up on their own, plus they can ride on the horses. And the horses can rear up on their hind legs. Very cool. The knights fit snugly into the saddles and won’t fall off… it’s great toy design for solid play value, not frustration for the kids because the knights that won’t stay on their horses. Those toys just make you want to throw your cookies on the floor.

These sets are great for young children, and they’re a very good price too !

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