Creative & Educational Play

Children don’t “learn to play”… they play to learn !
Creative play is essential for early childhood development, and we have unique, wonderful and hard-to-find toys from all over the world, designed to stimulate imaginations and cognitive development while the kids are busy having loads of fun.

Our BRICTEK blocks work perfectly with Lego blocks – at half the price. And BRICTEK has awesome sets of blocks, wheels, windows & doors, base plates and roof tiles for “open-ended play”… so children can build whatever they can imagine, not just what’s pictured on the box, developing their creativity along with cognitive and coordination skills.

Lottie Dolls are simply brilliant. Designed to be “non-Barbie” dolls, Lottie dolls are 9-year-old girls (and 1 boy) with realistically-proportioned bodies and clothes real kids would wear. Lottie dolls have delightful pets, accessories and hobbies too, and every Lottie doll and accessory is designed to promote the development of positive body-image, self-confidence and self-esteem in young girls.

We have classic storybooks, and cuddly stuffies to go with them, for building language and comprehension skills… wonderful educational and cooperative games to help children develop cognitive, physical and social skills… and our Irish Fairy Doors let you invite your very own magical fairy to come and live with you !