Toy Factory Hand-Crafted Wooden Toys

We carefully make each one of our our classic Toy Factory Wooden Toys in our own toy-making workshop… the old-fashioned way. No plastic or metal parts found here!

Our individually hand-crafted Toy Factory Wooden Toys have excellent play value, and they’re sturdy, safe and timeless. We start with Canadian pine and maple. We use good old-fashioned white glue, wooden pegs and clamps… and no chemical finishes. Our hand-made Toy Factory Wooden Toys are carefully sanded so all edges and corners are smooth and safe, and most are left as natural pine, with no varnish or paint. Environmentally-friendly water-based paints add color to smokestacks, hats and balls, and non-toxic vegetable oil makes our Paddle Boats and Lobster Boats waterproof.

The simple, natural design of our wooden toys encourages babies, toddlers and young children to use their imaginations. Our Old Time Car can be a 1927 Model T, a London Taxi… or a Mars Rover!

The natural pine finish on our Toy Factory Wooden Toys offers a more natural tactile experience.

Manipulating our little wooden people, hooking and un-hooking our “connected” toy vehicles like the 5-Car Train and Farm Tractor & Wagon, and loading and unloading the logs from our Log Truck are all fun activities that help babies and toddlers develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Every Toy Factory Wooden Toy is tested for safety and durability, and all our wooden toys meet all North American safety standards. Our wooden toys are “play-tested” by thousands of kids in our toy store every summer. We know our toys are strong and safe. In fact, all Toy Factory Wooden Toys are unconditionally guaranteed for a lifetime… because we think good toys should last a lifetime !