Fantasy & Fairies


Fairies are nature’s charms.

You might have a fairy catch your eye on a quiet walk in the forest, if you’re lucky. Or hear fairy whispers near a brook in the spring. If you turn to look, or bend down to explore more closely, it’s very likely you won’t find a fairy. Or, at least, you won’t see him or her.

You see… every time a fairy is seen by a human, they lose a small bit of magic. So fairies have learned to be very good at keeping just out of sight of people. Animals can generally all see fairies, of course, and young children who believe in fairies pose no threat at all. In fact, some folks say children’s laughter can make a fairy’s magic grow stronger.


The Nebulous Stars universe offers girls from 7 to 14 years old a wide variety of artistic and creative activities that are entertaining while encouraging their personal development. In a world where children are affected by the chaos of modern life, Nebulous Stars art & craft kits can help girls reach a state of calm and well-being.

Nebulous Stars artistic activities are paired with positive, uplifting messages from our Stars. As girls enjoy our Nebulous Stars arts and crafts, they’re introduced to the calming practices of relaxation and meditation, while at the same time getting a boost to their self-esteem and inspiration for creativity.

Note on Shipping for Fairy Figurines: Our fairy figurines are securely packaged in shipping boxes, with rigid foam inserts that have been custom-cut to fit around each fairy. Damage in shipping is very rare. Large and heavy fairies may require additional shipping charges.