Irish Fairy Doors

Do You Believe in Fairies ?

Install a magical Irish Fairy Door… invite a fairy to come and live with you… and open your child’s imagination to a wonderful world of creativity and long-lasting play value.

The Irish Fairy Door Company began creating magical Fairy Doors in 2013. Since then – with the help of Queen Kate, Queen of the Fairies – they’ve been updating Fairy Door owners all over the world with weekly updates from Fairy Headquarters in Dublin.

When you receive your door, install it in a nice place, where a fairy might like to live.
Leave the little glass bottle with the silver key beside the door… and wait.
One morning, the key will be gone – that means your fairy has moved in !

Register your fairy’s name on the Irish Fairy Door website, and you’ll unlock the door to Fairy Valley. Download the free Magical Matters App, and every week you’ll receive new ideas for fun and interesting things you can do with your fairy. You can write notes to your fairy too, and if you’re lucky, your fairy will write back to you. (They also like raisins for snacks.)

Our magical Irish Fairy Doors and their fairies create memorable family moments.
Encourage wonder, imagination and delight in your family… do you believe ?

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