Nebulous Stars Art & Craft Kits

In the busy world of “always on” social media and screen time, Nebulous Stars art & craft kits allow girls to immerse themselves in creativity, producing inner calm and well-being.

The Nebulous Stars universe of arts & crafts is designed for girls from 7 to 14 years old, offering them a unique environment that combines aesthetics, well-being, and positive values. A wide variety of hands-on activities keep pre-teens and teens engaged while encouraging personal and artistic growth. Paired with thoughtful, positive messaging, Nebulous Stars seeks to promote every girl’s understanding of meditation and relaxation, while encouraging their creativity and self-esteem.

Nebulous Stars is a Canadian company (based in Montreal) and we are delighted to carry a large selection of Nebulous Stars original arts & crafts, drawing and sticker kits. We have found that the quality, quantity and play value is excellent in every Nebulous Stars kit.

Nebulous Stars Positive Messages:
– The Universe is Listening to You  – Believe in your Dreams  – Never Give Up
– Focus on the Positive – Stay Calm  – Beauty is Everywhere

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