Toy Factory Land, Sea & Air Vehicles

Our delightful, classic wooden 5-Car Toy Train is hand-crafted for endless hours of playtime fun !

Little ones can soar into the sky with our Airplane too, splash our Paddle Boat in the bathtub, and drive our Farm Tractor & Wagon…our sturdy “Land, Sea and Air” wooden toys are each hand-crafted one-at-a-time, to be sturdy and safe… and they offer excellent, long-lasting play-value.

Made by hand in our toy-making workshop, our Toy Factory Wooden Toys have no chemical finishes or plastic parts. Crafted from Canadian pine and maple using old-fashioned white glue, wooden pegs and clamps, most Toy Factory wooden toys are left with their natural wood finish. Environmentally-friendly water-based paints add color to smokestacks, hats and balls, and non-toxic vegetable oil is used for waterproofing Lobster Boats and Paddle Boats.

All of our traditional wooden toys for kids are carefully hand-crafted to be safe, strong and sturdy… and unconditionally guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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