Toy Factory Little Wooden Cars & Trucks

Zoom Zoom !! Here at The Toy Factory, we’ve been making our wonderful little wooden cars and trucks for more than 45 years, helping to make playtime fun for children all over the world.

Our little cars and trucks are fantastic & fun toddler toys !

They fit little hands perfectly, roll along smoothly, and they’re hand-crafted completely with natural wood, with no additional external finish applied, so they’re safe, non-toxic and sturdy.

Made by hand one-at-a-time in our toy-making workshop, our Toy Factory Wooden Toys have no chemical finishes or plastic parts. Crafted from Canadian pine and maple using old-fashioned white glue, wooden pegs and clamps, most Toy Factory wooden toys are left with their natural wood finish. Environmentally-friendly water-based paints add color to smokestacks, hats and balls, and non-toxic vegetable oil is used for waterproofing Lobster Boats and Paddle Boats.

All of our traditional wooden toys for kids are unconditionally guaranteed to last a lifetime. If a Toy Factory wooden toy ever breaks – even if the family dog decides it will be a good “chew toy” – just let us know, and we’ll replace it or refund the full purchase price, no questions asked !

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