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Baby Rattles / Maracas


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GOKI of Germany makes wonderful wooden toys for children.

As a Baby Rattle, the soft swishing sound of one of these colorful, wooden Maracas is soothing to baby and gentle on parents.

As a set of 2, GOKI’s Maracas have a sweet soft sound. They’re perfect to help beginner musicians develop a sense of rhythm and tempo, but equally suited for use as professional percussion instruments.

NOTE: Our GOKI Maracas are priced individually as a Baby Rattle, NOT as a set of 2 Maracas.
If you want a PAIR of Maracas (2), please make sure your Order Quantity = 2 (2 x $12.95 = $25.90/pair).

Maracas measures approx. 20 cm / 8″ long.