For more than a decade, we’ve had our Medieval Castles on display for play-testing in our toy store in Prince Edward Island. They’re on nice, low play tables, with dozens of knights, warriors, kings and dragons, all within reach of the children who visit our store with their parents and grandparents.

At times, especially on rainy days, our store is a very busy, noisy and fun-filled place. So we’ve seen first-hand just how wonderful and sturdy our Castles and little toy people are… and they’re awesome: they offer excellent creative play-value, and they’re made to last a lifetime.

Our suppliers use responsibly sourced materials for our Castles and toy figures, including rubber wood from replanted forests, and every care is taken to ensure an ethical process from the sourcing of materials to the conditions of the workplace. And of course, all our Castles and toy figures meet or exceed all North American and International Safety Standards for children ages 3 and up.

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