Pop-to-Play Medieval Castle


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Product Description

Djeco introduces new concepts in a simple and fun way… it’s learning that’s fun!

DJECO’s Pop-to-Play Medieval Castle is made from thick, sturdy pre-cut cardboard that wipes clean. It pops together quickly and easily, and comes apart just as easily to save space and store it flat. It’s beautifully detailed with stone walls, banners, and a turret tower, and it stays together very well during energetic play.

The Medieval Castle is the perfect size for our PAPO Knights, Dragons and Wizards.

(PAPO Figures are not included – you’ll find them HERE)

Recommended for Ages 6+.

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Djeco is one of Europe’s leading educational toy and game companies. Original educational games were the heart of the business when it was founded in France in 1954 by Veronique Michel-Dalès, a time when few women embarked on adventures of this kind. Her unique games were attractive, intelligent and fun at the same time, and since then, Djeco toys and games have won early childhood development and toy awards around the world.