Fairy Tale Castles

For more than a decade, we’ve had our Fairy Tale Castles on display for play-testing in our toy store in Prince Edward Island. They’re on nice, low play tables, with hundreds of little Papo people – princes and princesses, fairy godmothers, kings, queens, unicorns and fairies – all within reach of the children who visit our toy store with their parents and grandparents.

At times (especially on rainy days) our store is a very busy, noisy, fun place, so we’ve seen first-hand just how wonderful and sturdy our Fairy Tale Castles and little Papo people are.

Quite simply, our Fairy Tale Castles made by Le Toy Van and Papo, along with Papo’s Fairy Tale people, provide highly creative, long-lasting play-value for children from 3 to 13.

And the excellent quality of the solid-wood construction and painted decorations, not decals, makes these treasured toys that will be passed down from generation to generation.

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