Toy Factory Wooden Crayon Holders

Creativity is Fun !
Drawing and coloring are wonderful ways for children to have fun and express themselves. And encouraging visual expression in children not only boosts confidence and inspires creativity, it promotes the development of spatial awareness and fine motor skills too.

Our Toy Factory Wooden Crayon Holders are made by hand in our toy-making workshop, one-at-a-time. We use no chemical finishes or plastic parts. Instead, our crayon holders are crafted from Canadian pine and left with their natural wood finish, so they’re simple and safe.
Kids can decorate them with crayons, markers or child-safe paint, or to preserve the natural look, a light coat of vegetable oil or cooking oil may be applied with a sponge, paint brush or paper towel. It’s a safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly finish that helps the crayon holder resist marks and dirt.

For Kids… and Adults !
It’s wonderful for kids to have a place to put their crayons when they’re done coloring… but our Crayon Holders also make excellent pen & pencil holders for Mom’s & Dad’s desks too. After all, you’re never too old to have fun !!

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