Weapon Master Unicorn with War Horse


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When a Knight reaches the highest level of skill in battle, displaying extreme courage and loyalty in the face of life-threatening danger, he – or she – may be granted the title “Weapon Master”.

Weapon Master Unicorn has the head and sharp, spiral horn of his Spirit Guide, the mythical Unicorn, on his helmet, and he carries the symbol of the Unicorn on his shield and breastplate. With matching head gear on his War Horse, he’s a fierce and magical warrior, and a battle commander.

But a true Weapon Master is also honest, compassionate and fair, and will never inflict pain on any other living creature unless he has no other way to defend his honour… or his King !

Please Note: Colors not exactly as shown in photo.

(Knight is approx. 4.5 ” tall, Horse is approx. 6.5 ” long.)


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