The Genius Star Game
The Genius Star GameThe Genius Star Game

The Genius Star Game (Ages 8+)


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Roll The Dice & Race Your Opponent To Complete The Genius Star! 

The aim of this new, award-winning game is to completely cover the Genius Star game board with the 11 coloured wooden shapes, working around 7 “blockers”. The unique twist that makes The Genius Star so challenging is that the 7 blockers are in a different place in every game! Compared to the original Genius Square, The Genius Star’s shape and triangular blocks make it a lot more difficult!

Each player receives a Genius Star game board – 2 game boards are included – plus a set of 11 different colored & shaped wooden blocks and 7 triangular”blockers”. When the 7 dice are rolled, they tell both players where to position the blockers on their game board grids. Then, it’s a race to be the first to completely fill-in the game board grid using the 11 shaped blocks.

The dice can turn up in more than 165,000 possible combinations, which means there are more than 165,000 different puzzles to be solved. Some combinations will be fairly easy to solve, some much more difficult, but they all have at least 1 solution… it’s up to the luck of the dice. There will be times when it seems impossible, but there’s ALWAYS at least 1 solution – that’s why it’s called The “Genius” Star!

There’s also a wonderful new twist to each challenge: The Golden Star. Will you play it safe, or will you try for a double win by including The Golden Star in your solution? Only 57.4% of the possible Genius Star puzzle combinations can be solved including The Golden Star, so it’s a tough decision… you’ll need quick thinking and nerves of steel. But if you get stuck, the Genius Star’s website will let you input your dice coordinates and tell you whether those blocker positions will allow a solution with The Golden Star for that puzzle.

The Genius Star is an awesome game to play by yourself too. As you play, you get to know the different shapes, and you get faster and faster at solving the puzzles. Or at least, most of the puzzles… are you ready for the challenge of The Genius Star?

Number of Players: 1 or 2
Ages: 8+



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