Shut the Box Game by GOKI

1 to 9 Shut-the-Box Game (Ages 6+)


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Product Description

GOKI of Germany makes wonderful wooden toys for children.

Shut-the-Box is a simple, traditional and fun game that helps children develop skills in basic arithmetic – adding and subtracting. It can be played as a solitaire puzzle, or you can play against an unlimited number of other players. But watch out, because in Shut-the-Box, it’s the lowest score that wins!

How to Play
– Roll the 2 dice, and then flip down a numbered wooden tile – or tiles – to match the total number you’ve rolled on the dice.
– You can flip down as many as 3 numbered tiles at once, but you must be able to flip at least 1 tile or your turn is over. For example, if you roll a 6 + 4 = 10, you can flip down the 9 & 1 tiles to equal 10. Or you can flip down the 8 & 2 tiles, 7 & 3 tiles or 6 & 4 tiles, as long as they add up to 10. So, you could also flip down the 2, 3 & 5 tiles to equal 10.
– You can flip down as many as 3 tiles at a time, but you must be able to flip down at least 1 tile every time you roll the dice.

– When the total of the remaining tiles left open is 6 or less, the player then only rolls 1 of the dice.

To Win the Game
The objective is to flip down ALL of the numbered tiles – to “shut the box”! If a player shuts the box,  they win the game immediately, or their score is “0” if they are playing a multi-round game.

But, if you roll the dice and can’t flip down any numbered tiles to match the number you’ve rolled, your turn is over. To determine your score, add up the values of all the open tiles… the lower the total, the better!

If you are playing with other players, the player with the lowest score is the winner. For longer games, determine a number of rounds to be played, keep track of each players score for each round, and the player with the lowest total score after the last round is the winner.

Recommended for Ages 6+
Number of Players: 1 or more
Game Measures approx. 26 x 18 x 3 cm (10 x 7 x 1.25″)