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  • It’s a cold winter night, and Lottie has found the perfect spot for stargazing. Wrapped up warm in her jacket, hat, scarf and boots, Lottie feels as though she can see all of space through the lens of her telescope. The sky is full of thousands of twinkly stars and Lottie is excited to explore the beautiful night sky and learn about the star constellations and planets. If she is lucky she just might see a shooting star!


    • Dark blue velvet bomber jacket
    • Cerise-coloured dungarees
    • A long sleeve t-shirt with pale blue arms
    • Spotty scarf
    • A brown hat
    • Sturdy brown boots
    • Telescope and tripod
    • Solar system collector cards
    • Notable Women in Astronomy Info Sheet




Stargazer Lottie is the FIRST DOLL IN SPACE !!
Check out a 90-second video we created about how Stargazer Lottie was inspired by a 6-year-old girl from British Columbia… and went to the International Space Station in 2015! She was in space for 6 months, returning safely to Earth in June 2016. Watch our video here.

Lottie Dolls are just like real girls and boys! They’re designed to be physically proportioned like real 9 year old children, with age-appropriate clothes, interests and activities. Ethnically diverse, Lottie and Finn literally stand on their own two feet… they’re positive role models, empowering children to embrace individuality, enjoy childhood and have meaningful adventures!

Lottie Doll’s designers did 18 months of research, working with kids, parents, child psychologists and child nutrition and education specialists. More than 100 action points have been incorporated into the designs and accessories to make them realistic dolls that children can relate to, and identify with.

Lottie’s Motto is “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!”

Doll measures 7.5″ tall. It includes small parts, and is not suitable for children under 3.