Nebulous Stars Crystal Snow Globes - Iceana
Nebulous Stars Crystal Snow Globes - IceanaNebulous Stars Crystal Snow Globes - IceanaNebulous Stars Crystal Snow Globes - Iceana

Crystal Snow Globes – Iceana


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Product Description

The Nebulous Stars universe of arts & crafts offers girls from 7 to 14 years old a unique environment that combines aesthetics, well-being, and positive values. A wide variety of hands-on activities keep girls engaged while promoting their personal and artistic growth. In a busy world, Nebulous Stars crafts and art kits allow girls to immerse themselves in creativity and encouragement, producing inner calm and well-being.

Nebulous Stars Positive Messages:
– The Universe is listening to You
– Believe in your Dreams
– Never Give Up
– Focus on the Positive
– Stay Calm
– Beauty is Everywhere
– Self-Esteem

Crystal Snow Globes – Iceana

Recreate your favorite Star’s environment in these unique light-up snow globes. With over 50 decorative elements, you will be able to assemble an infinite variety of beautiful scenery, and then make them glow with the rainbow LED light in the base. Illuminate your room at night with beautiful transforming colors… and you get 2 snow globes to create, so you can share the beauty with a friend too!


  • 2 light-up crystal globes
  • 53 pre-cut scenery pieces
  • 2 tubes of glitter powder
  • 2 mini-sequins tubes
  • color instructions
  • Iceana’s complete story

Recommended for Ages 7 to 14.

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