NEBULOUS STARS Tracing Light Pad
NEBULOUS STARS Tracing Light PadNEBULOUS STARS Tracing Light PadNEBULOUS STARS Tracing Light PadNEBULOUS STARS Tracing Light PadNEBULOUS STARS Tracing Light Pad

Tracing Light Pad


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Product Description

The Nebulous Stars universe of arts & crafts offers girls from 7 to 14 years old a unique environment that combines aesthetics, well-being, and positive values. A wide variety of hands-on activities keep girls engaged while promoting their personal and artistic growth. In a busy world, Nebulous Stars crafts and art kits allow girls to immerse themselves in creativity and encouragement, producing inner calm and well-being.

Nebulous Stars Positive Messages:
– The Universe is listening to You
– Believe in your Dreams
– Never Give Up
– Focus on the Positive
– Stay Calm
– Beauty is Everywhere
– Self-Esteem

Tracing Light Pad

This is a beautiful “toy” that’s really a brilliant tool to encourage and enhance the development of artistic talent in children.

The professional quality LED Tracing Pad is extremely lightweight and very thin – only 5 mm (0.2″) – which makes it easy-to-carry, easy-to-use and easy-to-store. The illuminated screen is perfectly even, super bright and flicker free. Ideal for tracing, calligraphy, designing & drawing… for children and adults.

It features touch-sensor switch design. Turn it on/off and control the brightness easily just by pressing the button until it is just right. The light pad includes printed tracing sheets, sample pattern pages, 5 double-ended wooden pencils for a total of 10 colors, 2 binder clips and a USB cable.


  • Ultra-thin Tracing Light Pad
  • 5 double-ended Colored Pencils
  • Black Tracing Pen
  • Sample Pattern pages
  • 10 Printed Tracing sheets
  • Storage Box
  • USB Cable

(Note: USB Wall Charger is not included)
Recommended for Ages 7 to 14.

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