Red Stripe Pirate Vest

Red Stripe Pirate Vest


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Lion Touch Toys of Denmark produces high quality, well-designed toys and costumes for creative, energetic and safe play for children from 3 to 13. All Lion Touch toys are thoroughly tested for safety, they contain no harmful chemicals and have no sharp edges.

This is the Pirate Vest in the “Red Stripe” Pirate Set.

But please note: This is the only Pirate Vest we carry, and it can be worn with any of our Pirate Sets, and it will look just dandy.

Ooops ! We’re sorry. We mean it will look horrendous, and dreadful, and quite unpleasant, not at all nice… just like the vest of a scurvy bilge rat of a Pirate Captain!

(100% polyester. One size, will fit “pirates” from 3 to 8 years old.)


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