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Papo Toys Safari Animals are beautifully-detailed, authentic reproductions… and awesome toys !

A pregnant mother elephant will carry her baby for 22 months before giving birth. It’s the longest gestation period of any living creature. Killer Whales are 2nd, with a gestation period of 18 months.

At birth, an elephant calf weighs more than 250 pounds, or 100 kilograms. A mother elephant will selectively choose other females to be “baby-sitters” for her calf, allowing her the time she needs to eat extra food, so she will produce sufficient milk for her baby.

Some baby elephants suck their trunks for comfort, the same way human babies suck their thumbs.

For more on the fascinating world of elephants, check out our Trumpeting Elephant and Baby Asian Elephant.

(Baby Elephant is approx. 2.25 ” tall. Recommended for children 3 years old and up.)


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