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Papo Toys Safari Animals are beautifully-detailed, authentic reproductions… and awesome toys !

Black rhinos have two horns. The front horn is larger, and can grow as much as 3 inches, or 8 centimeters in 1 year. The longest rhino horns have been measured at 5 feet, or 1-1/2 meters long.

Female rhinos use their horns to protect their calves, while males use them to battle attackers.

The black rhino once roamed most of Africa, but is on the verge of extinction today, due to poaching fueled by commercial demand for its horns. Rhino horns are used to make traditional medicines in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and are valued in North Africa and the Middle East as ornamental dagger handles.

(Rhino is approx. 4 ” tall. Recommended for children 3 years old and up.)


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