Toy Factory Traditional Wooden Toys

Since 1972…
We started making our hand-crafted Toy Factory Traditional Wooden Toys  in our own toy-making workshop in 1972. But toys have been around as long as kids. Spinning Tops were found in King Tut’s tomb, and Hobby Horses were popular among children of Roman Empire soldiers. Minstrels amused Kings and Queens with The Dancing Man in Medieval times.

Old-Fashioned Fun
Toy Factory Wooden Toys have no chemical finishes or plastic parts. Crafted from Canadian pine and maple, we use old-fashioned white glue, wooden pegs and clamps, and most Toy Factory wooden toys are left with their natural wood finish. Environmentally-friendly water-based paints add color to smokestacks, hats and balls, and non-toxic vegetable oil is used for waterproofing our Lobster Boats and Paddle Boats.

Strong & Sturdy
All of our Toy Factory traditional wooden toys are made to last a lifetime, so today’s kids can pass them down to their children… and grandchildren.

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