Climbing Bear 1

Climbing Bear


Product Description

Pull down on his strings, one-at-a-time – like milking a cow – and watch the Climbing Bear wiggle his way up to the top of the strings. Toddlers can learn hand coordination, and have lots of fun too !

The Climbing Bear needs to be attached to a hook (not included) that’s anchored solidly into a wall, or the frame of a door or window, with enough room to allow the stick at the top, made of solid maple, to move up-and-down as the strings are pulled from the bottom.

Our Climbing Bear’s face and features are wood-burned by hand, so each one is truly unique !

(Recommended for children ages 16 months to 4 years old.)

(Approx. 6 ” tall.)

Additional Information

Dimensions 6 x 5 x 1.25 in


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