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Hop ! Hop ! Hop ! A Cooperation Game


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Djeco games introduce new concepts in a simple and fun way… it’s learning that’s fun!

The shepherdess, her sheep and dog must return under cover in the sheepfold before the wind takes away the bridge. Will the players manage to cooperate in taking all the sheep back to the sheepfold?

It looks like working together will be the only way to get them all home safely, as the bridge pillars fall away!

A game that promotes cooperation rather than competition to achieve a common goal… so everyone can win.

Duration: 15 minutes

Ages: 4 to 8
Number of Players: 2 or more
Game includes 1 Set of 4 Playing Boards, 1 Sheepfold with Wooden Roof, 1 Bridge, 10 Bridge Pillars, 1 Wooden Stick, Shepherdess, 9 Sheep, 1 Dog, I Die
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Djeco is one of Europe’s leading educational toy and game companies. Original educational games were the heart of the business when it was founded in France in 1954 by Veronique Michel-Dal├Ęs, a time when few women embarked on adventures of this kind. Her unique games were attractive, intelligent and fun at the same time, and since then, Djeco toys and games have won early childhood development and toy awards around the world.


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