Heart Magic Wand



Product Description

With 16 to 20 colorful ribbons streaming down from the heart at the top, our Heart Magic Wand will delight little wizards and magical fairy tale princesses !

Please choose a Color Theme. Most of the ribbons in the wand will be various shades of that color, with a few ribbons of other colors mixed in. Every wand also gets one special “magic” ribbon.

You may also request a name wood-burned on to the heart, as shown.

Please indicate the name(s) you would like in the Order Notes when you are completing the order. For example: “Sarah on the pink wand, Ben on the blue wand.”

(Wand is 11 ” long, and the heart on top is approximately 3 ” in diameter and 3/4 ” thick.)

Note: The wands in the photos are shown in temporary “stands” that we made to hold them upright, so you could see the ribbons better. Stands are not included with the wands.


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