Toy Factory "Original" Wooden Toys

Our unique hand-crafted Toy Factory “Original” Wooden Toys are one-of-a-kind toys that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. They were born as wonderful ideas in our toy-making workshop and toy store over the last 47 years… they’ve been toys we’ve imagined, or ideas from our own three children when they were small. We love hearing ideas for new toys from children, and we’ve had grandfathers share their cherished home-made toy designs with us.

Our Toy Factory Original Toys encourage creativity and exploration, promote the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination and offer excellent play-value – because they’re great fun!

We think our Block-o-Dile pull-toy is a classic, possibly even The World’s Best Pull Toy. It’s a unique crocodile, made of blocks, and it wobbles, clunks and wiggles as it follows behind toddlers, who invariably love it. Our Lose Your Marbles games are simple and colorful, yet not as easy to “win” as you might think. And our challenging toss-and-catch games, the Ring Toss and Poke-a-Ball, are fun for children of all ages.

The unique, hand-made Magic X Puzzle is a terrific trick, and our Magic Wands are a big hit with little girls, personalized with their favorite ribbon colors, and their names wood-burned on to the star or heart at the top. And our Hot Dog marionette is a hilarious little puppy that’s easy to learn, easy to untangle (if needed!) and a lot of creative playtime fun.

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