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Hot Dog Marionette


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This hilarious little “hot dog” puppy is endless hours of fun. He’s a cute little puppy, who can sniff by bobbing his head up and down, but watch out, or he might lift his leg and “pee” on your shoe !

Here’s why the Hot Dog is a great toy…

1) All four of his “strings” (made of fishing line) are held on the sticks with slip knots, so if they get tangled, they can easily be un-hooked at the top to untangle them.

2) Every Hot Dog comes with a “Bun”. Its a wall-mounted wooden Hot-Dog-Holder… a place to put him when he’s not being played with, so his strings won’t get tangled.

We make our Hot Dogs in various colors, but if you’d like one with “girl” or “boy” colors, or a child’s favorite color, please indicate it in the Special Instructions when you place your order, and we’ll do our best. For example: “I’d like one that has mostly pink, and one that has red and blue.”

Hot Dog is approx. 12 ” long, “strings” are approx. 25 ” long, easily shortened, if necessary.

(Recommended for ages 6 and up.)



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