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Ring Toss Game


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We invented our Ring Toss game after we got really good at the Ball & Cup, and needed a new challenge. Like the Ball & Cup, start with the ring hanging down on the string below the handle. Pull or flip the ring up into the air, and catch it so it lands over the stick that has the ball on top of it.

Not as easy as you might think…

We make the Ring Toss with the ball on top of the stick in red, blue, yellow and green. If you’d like a specific color, tell us in the “Special Instructions” when you place your order, and we’ll do our best.

And… if you think the Ring Toss game might be a bit too easy, you can always try our most challenging hand-eye coordination game, the Poke-A-Ball !

(Recommended for children 6 years old and up.)

(Approx. 7 ” long.)

Additional Information

Dimensions 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 in


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