upon a time... toys were made to last a lifetime, and a child’s imagination was the key to having fun. At The Toy Factory, those ideals are alive today in all of our traditional wooden toys for kids.
mirror on the wall... who makes the most wonderful Fairy Tale toys of all? Le Toy Van and Papo Toys! With Fairy Tale castles, beautiful princesses and handsome princes, fairies and unicorns... it’s a little girl’s dream brought to life.
Welcome home... to a world of delightful dollhouses, fabulous furniture, and the cutest little Budkin “people” you’ll ever meet. Le Toy Van dollhouses are wonderful, sturdy and affordable for young families!
A long, long
time ago... in a kingdom far, far away... brave knights in shining armour rode powerful war horses into battle to protect kings and castles. They journeyed to faraway lands on daring quests,
slaying dragons and rescuing princesses. Our sturdy wooden castles and awesome knights are a world of fun.
Ahoy, ye skallywags!! and hoist the Jolly Roger! With pirate ships, a buccaneer’s fort, and pirates of every description, our wooden pirate toys will turn little landlubbers into swash-bucklin’ lads and lassies, faster than ye can hide yer booty.
Down on
the floor... play time is fun ! Having a tea party, driving a double-decker bus, or playing in the jungle, we have wonderful toys for Pretend Play. Imagination is everything for children… and we can help!
I’ll be a
princess... and you be a knight! Swords and shields for brave knights and pirates. Fairy wings, swords and capes for princesses. Our delightful toys and costumes for dress up offer great, long-lasting play value!
Where you believe
there is magic... you will find it! We have swords and shields from the world’s best-loved fantasy stories and video games, and our beautiful fairy figurines are enchanting and very collectible. You’ll love them!
So many wonderful toys... so little time! Favorite characters and cherished stories. Colorful wooden toys, puzzles and musical instruments. And our BRICTEK building blocks are exactly what they look like… at half the price.