Castles & Knights

Medieval Adventures come to life !

We have wonderful solid-wood Castle Play Sets from Le Toy Van, and brave knights on war horses, fire-breathing dragons, wizards and princesses from Papo Toys.

The detail and imagination are awesome. Knights with fantastic armor ride colorful war horses. Castles have “working” hoists & drawbridges, and walls that invading knights can “break through” for surprise attacks. It’s an imaginative world of playtime fun, engaging children for hours at a time!

Our Knight Sets have incredible play value at an amazing price. Each set includes a King and 2 Knights, plus either 2 Horses or 1 Horse and a Dragon. The King and Knights sit snugly on the horses, so they won’t fall off, because the horses can rear up on their hind legs… Tally Ho !

You can also trust that all of our Castle & Knight toys are ethically made, using only sustainably-harvested wood and water-based paints, and extensively tested to be safe and sturdy.

Awesome and imaginative toys, made to last a lifetime.